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About us


A great idea under our feet.
Kruse Cushion Ride is based in the Midwest and offers equestrians a difference you can see and feel in your arena. Our material is hand-sorted and identified for color, content and consistency of material. Derived from shredded Polyethylene Terephthalate fiber, and then mixed with the proper sand, is a durable, superior equestrian surface.

100% Recycled. 1,000% Piece of mind.
Made of completely reused materials, this fiber-based mix uses PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). PET offers a strong, cost-effective, and long-lasting all weather equestrian surface, which reduces maintenance. With Kruse Cushion Ride there is no wind erosion and our material is fire retardant.  Whether it is a renovation of your existing arena or a new installation, Kruse Cushion Ride is an ideal surface that has little dust and requires limited water application.  Affordable for the small stable arena and exquisite quality for prestigious show rings.


Good footing is essential for a horse to perform up to their potential.  It is best to start with a well-engineered arena base, and proper installation of Kruse Cushion Ride is crucial. Our product is unique because it offers a consistent color base that looks good as well as rides well.


Environmental Impact.

Kruse Cushion Ride takes a product that would once be thrown into landfills and repurposes it for excellent reuse for the equestrian world.  This otherwise non-biodegradable product which also has components of recycled plastic bottles can hold up for many years of usage.  It is also proven to have very little, if any, environmental impact when placed
in arenas. 





Professional installation for the best fit and finish.

Each arena has different needs and requires a specific amount of material to ensure the best performance for their horses.  Proper installation is key to the success of our product and those riding on it.  We are able to evaluate each ring on an individual basis and make recommendations
from there.









Photo courtesy of Zen Equestrian Center, Atlanta, IN

Photo courtesy of Zen Equestrian Center, Atlanta, IN

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